Episode 11 – Worldschooler – Aaron Kienle

AaronKienleEntrepreneur, Worldschooler and Family Travel Blogger Aaron Kienle joins the podcast this week to talk about volunteering in Nicaragua, the importance of family travel and our adventures in Mexico. You can find Aaron in Yorktown Saskatchewan running one of three of his business’ or traveling the globe with his wife and three kids. All of which are super cool. This was probably the best podcast I have recorded to date. Yeah, there’s kids screaming in the background, but that just adds to the vibe of the content.

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

Peace & Hope UK – The organization that Aaron and his brother partnered with to serve and volunteer in Nicaragua.

This Weeks Guests

Aaron Kienle – You can find Aaron on Instagram or on his website KeenerFam.

This Weeks Music

Cherry & Orange by the Smacken Pappy

Two Souls Riddim by Alan Ulises Rhythm

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