Episode 1- Learn the Art of Full Time Travel


Full Time TravelLearn the art of full time travel with the Traveling Chimps Podcast. The 2016 episodes of the podcast will focus on CJ’s new eBook, Family Vagabond Adventure, Learn the Art of Full Time Travel. I’ll share life hacks, full time travel tips and story’s to help you travel and save money doing it. Podcast #9 focuses on introducing the Traveling Chimps story, selling all of your material belongings on Craigslist, lifestyle design, typical types of travelers and safety.

Each week I’ll release the next chapter of the book along with a supporting podcast, covering that chapters topics and highlights. Comments and questions are encouraged, so please comment and ask below. I’ll answer any questions either on the podcast or directly to you via email.

Link to the first chapter of:

Family Vagabond Adventure, Learn the Art of Full Time Travel – Chapter 1

Amazon Travel Accessory of the Week:

Resources mentioned on this episode:

Sex Drugs Evolution Podcast -CJ’s other podcast.

Craigslist – Sell all your stuff for free.

Trusted Housesitters – Find housesitting and pet sitting opportunities all over the world. $99 per year, but probably the biggest data base. A good percentage are in Australia and the UK.

Housesitters America – Another website with housesitting and pet sitting opportunities. $30 US only opportunities. Ever improving processes including penalties for non-response.

House Carers – Housesitting and pet sitting opportunities. $50 to join and well worth it. We’ve seen a marked improvement in their site and are starting to use this more. We’ll report back on our success or not.




These sites pay for themselves in 1-2 nights stay. On average we paid around $50 per night for a cheap motel.

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