Episode 10 – AmeriCorps – Adam Greenberg

travelingchimps.comAdam Greenberg joins the podcast this week to talk about traveling with intention using programs like AmeriCorps. Adam has done two stints with AmeriCorp, drove the US on the BioTour, interned at Tom’s Shoes and worked for the White House. He’s currently utilizing his AmeriCorps Education Award to attend NOLS in Canada where he is sea kayaking around Vancouver Island and glacial mountaineering for 2 months! He is a proponent of reforming student loan debt and is thankful to have had a debt free 20’s. Oh, and he’s an awesome guy!

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

AmeriCorps – 18 – 24 yrs. can join numerous programs that allow for meaningful work around the US. The NCCC program is a 10 month program with stops in 4 US cities.

Habitat for Humanity – Help build housing for those in need.

BioTour – During the 2008 election cycle Adam toured on the BioTour Bus educating voters on climate change. Watch their video here.

This Weeks Guests

Adam Greenberg – You can find Adam on Twitter, Instagram or at his website.

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Cherry & Orange by the Smacken Pappy

Two Souls Riddim by Alan Ulises Rhythm

Podcast Art by TR of Nomads By Design

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The Clean Out! Homeless Donations From a Soon to be Homeless Family.

How attached are you to material belongings? Could you just sell or donate everything you own? Marketing has us working jobs we hate, to buy shit we don’t need. Everyone’s debt is climbing and the cost of living is increasing exponentially making it harder and harder and nearly impossible to ever get out of debt. We’re running up school debt, only to graduate into a market of less and less opportunity. What no one ever teaches you, is to do what you love, what your passionate about, whatever that is.

Second load for Water Street

Second load for Water Street

Like my school debt, I have some things I can’t get rid of too. My bass, my reclaimed barn wood office desk made by my wife and kids, to name a couple. So, we’ll need a storage unit, which costs a hell of a lot less than rent on a 4 bedroom townhouse plus utilities. In fact, we found a 15×10 for $75 a month! The power of Google.

We are selling most of our household belongings on Craigslist and donating even more to the local Homeless Shelter. Old jackets, clothes, suits, shoes, kids clothes, soap and shampoo taken from hotel rooms over the past few months. Maybe someone else can use this stuff to get back on their feet? I really hope so. I’ve been serving meals at the shelter for a few months now and there are some truly wonderful people who’s day to shine again is coming soon and they could use your old stuff too. Plus you can write it off on your taxes and lets face it, if you haven’t worn it in the last year, you’re not going to wear it again, seriously.

First load to Water Street

First load to Water Street

Water Street Rescue Mission : http://www.wsm.org

Next line of business: Planning the route across the country to Happy Camp, CA. Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, sky’s the limit? If you were planning a cross country trip where would you stop and what item can’t you part with? Comment below.

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Water Street Collection Center

Water Street Collection Center

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