Episode 14 – Housesitting Magazine

www.travelingchimps.comThis weeks conversation, and it’s a good one, is with Vanessa and Ian the owners of the soon to be re-launched Housesitting Magazine. Obviously we talked a lot about housesitting, but we also spent a good amount of time talking about digital nomading and their teaching English remotely. Please head over to their site today and subscribe!! The new magazine launches in July 2016!

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

Remote: Office Not Required

Housesit Match – A housesitting platform used by Vanessa and Ian to find housesitting opportunities around the globe.

This Weeks Guests

Vanessa & Ian – You can find Vanessa & Ian at Housesitting Magazine, an amazing resource for all things housesitting, and at Long Term Housesitters. You may also find Ian on his website as well.

This Weeks Music & Art

Cherry & Orange by the Smacken Pappy

Two Souls Riddim by Alan Ulises Rhythm

Podcast Art by TR of Nomads By Design

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