Episode 8 – RV Life

Full Time RVEpisode 8 is all about living in an RV, also called full timing and it’s not just for retired folks!

I interview Kevin Sabourin from rethinkingeverything.com He is currently in St. Petersburg, FL and has been full timing with his wife and three kids since 2011.

I also interview designer TR currently full timing with his fiance and two dogs in the “Dirty, Dirty, South.” You can find TR at nomadsbydesign.com and if you are looking for some design work, TR is you’re man! He created the art work for this episode and we thank him very much. It looks great!

Have questions about full time travel? I’m always willing to share what I know. I wouldn’t be plugging a mic into my laptop if I didn’t. Hit me up on social media or email me directly at: travelingchimps@outlook.com with all your family travel questions.

Each week I’ll release the next chapter of the book along with a supporting podcast, covering that chapters topics and highlights. Comments and questions are encouraged, so please comment and ask below. I’ll answer any questions either on the podcast or directly to you via email.

Link to the Fifth Chapter:

Family Vagabond Adventure, Learn Art Of Full Time Travel

Amazon Travel Accessory of the Week:

Resources mentioned in this episode:

AllStays – Use this free app to find campgrounds all over the US. Find full hookup, boon docking and even Walmart parking lots.

Escapees – RVing club that provides you with a permanent address as well as mail forwarding services. Available in TX, FL & SD.

KOA Campgrounds – Get the season pass and save a ton of cash, plus you’ll have a permanent address!

Good Sam – RV’ers club who’s membership provides discounted camping stays, fuel, mail forwarding serves and roadside assistance.

Family Motor-Coach Association – Annual membership gives you access to discounted camping, insurance and roadside assistance.

Gone With the Wynns – Blog of a full time couple mentioned by TR. Good source of RVing information and inspiration.

Harvest Host – Find free overnight stays on farms and winery’s around the US and Canada.

This Weeks Guests

Kevin Sabourin – You can find Kevin at Rethinking Everything website or on their Facebook page.

TRĀ  – You can find TR at Nomads By Design, and on Twitter. Need some design work? Support cool people and check out Nomads By Design!!!

This Weeks Music

Cherry & Orange by the Smacken Pappy

Two Souls Riddim by Alan Ulises Rhythm

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