3 Meditation Tips You Can Use

Meditation TipsMeditation is a very important part of our daily routine and should be a part of yours as well. It enables you to start your day off with a clear head, lowers anxiety, and helps to minimize your reaction to adverse situations. Some people find meditation a little intimidating, but once you get into a regular practice, I guarantee you will find benefit from it and using these tips will make it even easier.


Tip #1

Labeling – Some folks call it noting, focusing on your breathing and thinking to yourself, “breathing in, breathing out.” I use a similar technique I call labeling. I focus on my breathing, breathing normally, and repeat to myself, “I’m in the now.” When my mind wonders towards something in the past, I simply say to myself “past”. When my mind drifts to something in the future, I say to myself, “future”. I find that this labeling, past, future, quickly moves my mind back to my breath and the now/present.

Tip #2

Outside noise- Don’t be discouraged by outside noise. It’s tough to find a spot with zero noise or distraction, but outside noises remind us that we are in the here and now. Those noises are part of the present, recognize what the noise is and move back to focusing on your breath and your mantra.

Tip #3

Apps – Use an app like Calm or Headspace to get started. Both include guided meditations for beginners and are great for experts as well. They include meditations that focus on calmness, body scans, and sleep, to name a few. For experts they are a great way to time your meditations, whether you use the guided meditations or not and they will track the number of days and the amount of time you have meditated by calendar month.

I hope you found these tips useful and can incorporate them into your daily meditation practice. Please let us know if you had any luck with these tips, or have any questions in the comment section below.

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